The Inside Scoop:This.Is.How.We.Roll

SO, today was the first day of school for four of our crew of seven.

It’s been a wild start to the school year we’ve been putting off. We moved our second eldest to University of Arkansas 10 days ago, and our second youngest daughter to a local university last weekend, and we’re awaiting the return of our oldest daughter from a one-year trip around the universe, so it seems, to finally get home, which was bumped from this past Tuesday to the weekend after next.

In the meantime, we are scurrying about with this framework in our heads as we are trying to imagine being ready for today.

First-time college freshman had her first university course, our two highschool sophomores had their first day at the “big” high school, and our sweet Little Man entered his first day of elementary school into the First Grade…aka all grown up on us and all.

Our little guy, who has no imagination for all the “needs” of school shopping like the endless requests we are getting from most everyone else, sometimes gets the brunt of the lastminuteness in our world. His shopping list: (in the cutest handwritten note you’ve ever seen, ever) ckowse, towis, hswse = clothes, toys, shoes. It’s been a long summer’s break since phonics.

The last day of true “Summer Break” our soon-to-be-firstgrader says to me, “Mom, tomorrow the world is ending. So what should we do for today?” I stop what I’m doing. To be honest, he has a deep spiritual sense, and I wonder if somehow he knows something that I should? “What do you mean son, why do you think the world is ending tomorrow?” “Well, you know, school starts tomorrow, so what should we do today for fun?” We pack up our stuff, with snacks and sandwiches, and head out for an afternoon poolside, enjoying our last stretch of summer freedom.

After getting our sophomores launched successfully, $5 each in hand for lunches that I didn’t have the foresight nor energy to shop for, I turn to this sweet, innocent blue-eyed blonde for this morning’s inspiration.

First grade. Wow. Our little bumpkins IS growing up. Determined to make sure we are on time and NOT set a late-every-morning trend like we did in Kindergarten, I impress myself with a shower suggestion, brush teeth option, and fresh, spanking new cloths. Check. We are doing GOOD!

Lunch? What about it. Well, there’s left over PBJ’s from our snack at the pool yesterday? Hmmm…as I snoop through the pantry I’m delighted to stumble across 1 package of fruit chews, 1 applesauce to go cup, some peanutbutter crackers, also from yesterday’s snack, and gleaning through the fridge, dig out 1 tiny cheese know the kind in the red wax covering…he loves those!!

Suddenly, it dawns on me…where is his back pack??  Didn’t even think to put that one on our shopping list! Where did I put last year’s Captain America?? Thanks to his outstanding Grandmother, he has all his school supplies all tidied up for his first day, but I’ll be danged where to find his backpack from Kindergarten? We run upstairs to his closet, where his older two brothers also throw just about anything they don’t want. I dig. To no avail…and then, something shiny blue and strappy catches my eye…Thomas the Choo Choo…he’s always there when you need him…this was his little pack to go to Grandma’s House way back in the day.

He didn’t seem to mind. Not in the least. He even was excited to unzip the front round “Thomas” faced portion to tuck in his tiny cheese round and fruit chews for today’s snack. Tragedy avoided, we load up and are off on-time for his first day of First Grade.

I sent my precious Little-Big Man to school with Thomas. And a day-old sandwich. And school snacks probably from last year..but wasn’t that just a few weeks ago??

Feeling nearly guilty by pick-up time, I think, “Oh…he has his swim lesson right after school and will probably be starving.” Hmmmmm….yup, another PBJ from yesterday’s pool snack. Grabbing this and his swim stuff, I dash to the school…there’s our sweet little guy so happy to see his mom! So, “How was your first day at First Grade?” “Well, people toot alot at school Mom.” First Day’s Impression. I laugh. We talk on. Time to change in the car and shuffle through the gym maze for his lessons. Potty break. Sometimes he still needs help. As he bends over for the “motherly chore”, I notice something on his cute little bun. “QC #9” Thank you GAP, for sticking your stamp of approval inside his brand new underwear…he asks, “What are you doing?” I show him his “sticker”…”Did I wear that all day?” Mom…why didn’t you take that off my underwear? How was I supposed to know??

Swimming commences. He’s dawdling, backflipping, frontflipping, bobbing about…off in his own little world as his instructor is handling the other boy who won’t stick his head in the water. He is perfectly content. He does anything he’s asked…and doing fairly well by summer’s end.

We finish our day with a swim in the “Big Pool” I think a pretty great way to complete our first day of school: Mom, Littlest Man, and Sonshine.

After drying off and getting ready to go, he turns to me, “Mom, I just want to be able to run on the water.”

This is how we roll.


3 thoughts on “The Inside Scoop:This.Is.How.We.Roll”

  1. Love this entry! You are such a successful, go with the roll Mom. Braeden sounds so wonderful! I loved his school list.

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